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hate you lyrics.

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Oct. 14th, 2009 | 11:27 pm

how i love mariah
she knows exactly how i feel.

once upon a time, we swore not to say goodbye
something got a hold of us and we changed
then you sat alone in pride
and i sat at home and cried
how'd our fairytale just end up this way

we went round for round til we knocked love out
you were laying in the ring, not making a sound
and if that's a metaphore of you and i
why is it so hard to say goodbye

i cant wait to hate you
make you, pain like i do
still cant shake you off
i cant wait to break through
these emotional changes
seems like such a lost cause
i cant wait to face you
break you, down so low
there's no place left to go

i cant wait to hate you

love is, was a love phenomenon no one could explain
and i wish, i could press reset and feel that feling again
i sit and press rewind and watch us everynight
wanna pause it, but i cant make it stay

no need to call my phone cause i changed my number today
a matter a fact, i think i'm moving away
sorry, the frustrations got me feeling awake
and i just keep having one last thing to say
and i just wanna hold you, touch you,
feel you, be near you, i miss you baby baby baby
i'm tired of try'na fake through, but there's nothing i can do.
i cant wait to hate you
i cant wait to hate you baby

i cant wait to h.a.t.e. you
cuz right now i need you
i can't wait to let you go.

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